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"The Lost Stones" is by Paul Rimmasch.

"THE LOST STONES," by Paul Rimmasch, Bonneville Books, $15.99, 170 pages (f) (ages 12 and up)

Paul Rimmasch began his love affair with Book of Mormon archeology when he was very young. At the feet of his father, as well as a beloved Scoutmaster, his taste for physical proof of the sacred book only grew.

With a lifetime of study to stand on, Rimmasch, now a crime scene investigator, allowed his imagination to wander in a new direction, marrying his love of adventure with his passion for Book of Mormon archeology in his new book, “The Lost Stones.”

The story follows Ammon Rogers, an Iraqi war veteran now studying physics at Brigham Young University. After an intriguing class discussion on the Brother of Jared, Ammon unexpectedly wanders into the heart of a search for the 16 glowing stones used to light the ocean crossing in the scriptural account.

Joining forces with eccentric adventurer John Byrd and John's striking daughter, Sariah, Ammon races across North and South America looking for clues that will help them find the lost stones.

But the search is not without peril. One sinister man doesn’t want the stones to be found and will stop at nothing to keep Ammon from success. Dangers continue to mount as Ammon’s group comes closer to the quarry. When their very lives are on the line, will the searchers lose their faith or will they find the light they seek?

Mingling adventure, archeology and romance, this story takes a unique look at the seemingly divergent worlds of science and religion. Rimmasch has studied Book of Mormon archeology extensively and shares his findings and beliefs throughout his tale.

“’The Lost Stones’ is the product of extensive research and contains copious footnotes and an extensive bibliography,” Rimmasch said. “While I definitely want those who read my book to enjoy the adventure and romance of the story, I also want to enlighten and educate the reader.”

Although Rimmasch knows that readers may find the research in his novel intriguing, he reminds them that as much fun as it is to study Book of Mormon archeology, it is nothing to build faith on. Just as his characters discover, there is a power in faith that can’t be matched by mere proof.

'The Lost Stones' is a unique adventure.

A book trailer for the new Book of Mormon adventure novel, "The Lost Stones," which follows a group of adventurers on a search for the glowing stones used by the brother of Jared to cross the ocean.

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