Jenni McCullough
Blessed Sacrament fifth-grade student Declan Van Uitert used a blue color palette to create a Monet- inspired haystack drawing to be displayed at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Marcy Mullholand, an art teacher at Blessed Sacrament School had big plans to have her fifth-grade students create their own drawings influenced by Claude Monet’s haystack paintings. She even arranged for them to be displayed at Barnes & Noble, located at 7119 South 1300 East.

The premier showing of the paintings happened on Feb. 9. Mullholand and other staff members were there to meet and talk with students, parents and the public. The framed pieces will remain there on display until March 8.

“It’s a really great opportunity for the kids to be able to come and see their artwork displayed in a public setting,” Mullholand said. “We want them to come back anytime and bring their family and friends to introduce them to taking pride in their artwork.”

The drawings were done in pastels and took about four class periods to complete.

Mullholand taught the kids about color palettes, perspective, horizon lines, foreground, middle ground and background.

The students didn’t know that these pieces would be displayed to the public until they were finished with them. “We wanted to display these pieces to teach the kids how to be responsible for their artwork and how to freely express themselves so that other people can enjoy their work as well,” Mullholand said.

The drawings were not meant to be exactly the same as the work of the famous artist. Monet’s haystack paintings were to only be used as an inspiration to give the students an idea of what they wanted their piece to look like.

“My favorite part of the project was drawing it and learning about art, like impressionist painting,” student Andrew Bork said.

Cheyanne Ferguson used a red color palette and enjoyed learning about mixing colors. “I learned that different colors go together to make a good color palette,” she said.

Anica Mackenzie chose a blue color palette and paid close attention to shadowing her haystacks.

“I drew my haystacks with a reflection, and I tried to reflect them all nicely with the colors that I had,” she said. “I loved learning about how to choose your color palette depending on the picture you’re going to draw.”