The women in your life including yourself if you're a woman, your mother, sisters and friends – can receive a free screening mammogram to help protect their health.

This February, the Greater Sandy Chamber of Commerce and the Craig Bolerjack Cancer Prevention Program began an ongoing program to offer free mammograms to women 40 and older who are uninsured and have a limited income.

Sandy Chamber of Commerce Breast Cancer Screening Program Coordinator Kris Coleman said she hopes the free testing will ensure that more women take the steps necessary to protect their health.

“It’s very difficult for women who are uninsured to afford the testing,” Coleman said. “We’re trying to take that burden off their shoulders.”

A screening mammogram can cost more than $500 for a woman without health insurance.

The early screening test is only the first step in the process if a woman finds breast abnormalities or other causes for concern.

Additional testing to follow up after a screening mammogram can be even more expensive. A diagnostic mammogram to check for breast cancer can cost more than $800.

As part of the chamber’s program, St. Mark’s Hospital and Lone Peak Imaging Centers donated 100 free mammograms for women who meet the criteria for the screening.

If follow-up testing is necessary, the Sandy Chamber of Commerce will foot the bill for an additional diagnostic mammogram.

The additional testing is made possible through a donation from the Craig Bolerjack Cancer Prevention Program. Bolerjack donated $5,000 raised during a golf tournament charity event last June to help pay for the women’s health services.

Bolerjack got involved after his wife and mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer within a single five-month period.

The testing will be performed at St. Mark’s Womens Pavillion in Millcreek or the Lone Peak Imaging Center in Draper.

Hospital services will be offered to women who receive a diagnosis to apply for further aid with treatment through Medicare or Medicaid programs.

To qualify for the free mammogram available through the Sandy Chamber, women must fill out a questionnaire and certify that they are uninsured, have a limited ability to pay for the service and have no breast complaints.

To participate, contact Coleman at 801-694-9482.

Coleman said she hopes to continue to raise the money needed to make the program available for women on an ongoing basis.

“We’re hoping this goes on and on,” she said.