MURRAY — After more than 32 weeks of carrying quadruplets, Natalie Consolo has taken to joking — every single day — that she's ready to deliver those babies.

But husband Anthony Consolo said Wednesday that she's toughing it out in an effort to carry the three girls and one boy to the desired 33 weeks and Feb. 29 due date.

It is then that four separate medical teams plan to bring Lucille, Anabell, Charlotte and Daniel into the world.

"It makes sense," Anthony Consolo said. "The leap year is every four years and we're having four babies."

The couple, parents to 22-month-old Dorothy, had been hoping for a second child when they learned they had naturally conceived not one baby, but four. Natalie Consolo has committed to carrying the babies as long as she can to try and ensure they are as healthy as possible.

Anthony Consolo said one of the babies has hit the five-pound mark, with another just under five pounds. The other two are in the four-pound range.

Dr. Cara Heuser, a maternal fetal medicine specialist and Natalie Consolo's doctor, has said the average gestation for a quadruplet pregnancy is 30 weeks and the average weight of each child is typically around three pounds.

"They're going to be born healthy, thanks to her perseverance," Anthony Consolo said of his wife. "She's hanging in there."

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