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In this Oct. 20, 2009 file photo, a home with a reduced price for sale in Carmel, Ind. neighborhood is shown.

Maybe it's not because you drive a 1979 AMC Pacer. Maybe it isn't your receding hairline, your bad breath or the way you snort when you laugh. Maybe the reason you can't get a date is because you don't own a home.

As unfair as it may make the universe seem, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive for real estate site found, as CNNMoney reports, more than a third of women and 18 percent of men prefer dating homeowners.

A measly 2 percent of women and 3 percent of men say they prefer a partner who rents.

And roommates?

Sixty-two percent said they prefer someone who lives alone.

But what about those young adults who went to college, graduated and then moved back in their parents' home?


The survey says only 5 percent of singles said they would even date such a person. "That's a real deal-breaker," said Michael Corbett, a spokesman for Trulia. "If you're still living with your folks, you're dead-on-arrival for dating.

But don't give up hope. Five percent is still a lot of people. Another CNNMoney article points out there are about 18 million single women and about 14 million single men in the U.S.

A lot of these singles are living on their own — 28 percent of all households according to CNNMoney. A story on says single women are a fifth of home buyers. That leaves only about 10 percent of single men buying homes. "Maybe women just have it a little more together," Realtor Frank Cantadore told "Finding someone with a house that they own, that shows stability and maturity."

And once a person has that house, that opens up dates that can be done at home. gives a list of home-dates (many of which are good for well-behaved singles) such as:

Make your favorite desserts

Chose a music CD and pretend you are going to a concert such as "An Evening with John Denver"

Recreate scenes from your favorite movies

Read the paper together (always a great date idea)

Play video or computer games together

Plant an indoor herb garden

Of course, ideas like these also work in rentals. They don't work so well in a parent's home — except with that special 5 percent who like that sort of thing.

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