Mormon Messages
President Monson has a special message for children.

Giving service: President Monson has a special message just for children. Watch this delightful new Mormon Messages video “Pass it On,” then pass it on to the children in your life and pass the message of service on to those around you. Love it!

Ash Wednesday: Today marks Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent for the Catholic Church. One blogger takes “A Mormon Look at Lent” and discovers some similarities in the practice of fasting and giving: “As you can see, even with minimal understanding of Lent, members of the LDS Church have much in common with our Catholic friends. What I appreciate learning most is that all who love Jesus Christ, and recognize Him as our personal Savior, have a deep desire to express our love in similitude of His Great Sacrifice.” Beautifully stated.

Snowboarding athlete: "My name is Jeremy Jones and I always told my mom and my dad that I won't wear a suit and a tie to work." Meet snowboarder Jeremy Jones who loves his sport and loves that he can do it for his employment, "but that is what it is." His love of his family and his faith comes first. Learn more about this new profile.

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