Michelle King

We all probably have that list of things we know we should do but just don’t see how we can. Maybe we don’t even really want to tackle that list. Sometimes, though, we’re moved — even compelled — to go forward and make the time for important things that otherwise might sit on the back burner.

That’s my story when it comes to compiling our family history. I always thought it sounded hard — with charts I couldn’t understand and files I hesitated to open. The temptation is to save such a project for “the golden years” — when you think you’ll have all the time in the world. But looking at my own parents’ and in-laws’ lives, I’ve seen that those can be extremely busy years, too — probably because everyone thinks you have nothing to do after you retire! So, really, there is no time like the present.

On Mormon Times TV this Sunday, Feb. 26, I’ll introduce you to my husband, sister and daughter and show you ways we’ve made family history “doable” — and fun! Maybe you’ll even find an idea or two you’d like to try in your own home. We’ll also have a genealogy expert in-studio to show us other great ideas that make family history exciting for children, teens and adults. Plus you’ll see why the recent Roots Tech Conference drew thousands to Salt Lake City who are interested in “growing” their family tree.

We’ll also continue our tour of “Members Around the World,” where you’ll see what it’s like to be LDS in far-away places. This time, we venture 15 hours ahead of our mountain daylight time zone to talk with a couple living and working in a bustling part of Southeast Asia.

Jan Thomas is a man who is enduring well. You’ll see how his paralysis didn’t stop his ward family from jumping in to help and serve him — even motivating him to walk again.

And you’ll hear a trio of young moms make beautiful music. The group Mercy River has a new album coming out this month, and they’ll be along to sing one of their stirring new songs.

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