Geert Vanden Wijngaert, Syfy
Paul Bradford, left, Bary FitzGerald, Kris Williams, Scott Tepperman, Joe Chin and Susan Slaughter in "Ghost Hunters International" which premieres Wednesday, Feb. 22, on Syfy.

“Ghost Hunters International” will begin its new season on Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Syfy. The show features a team of paranormal investigators who use specialized equipment and scientific techniques to explore reports of paranormal activity all around the world.

GHI is a spinoff of Syfy’s original “Ghost Hunters” series, which follows members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society as they visit haunted locations throughout the U.S.

GHI has taken the TAPS method of investigation to the next level by going global and visiting some of the most legendary haunted spots around the world. But will the hunters actually be able to find conclusive evidence of the paranormal in these locations, or, like their predecessors, will their search continue, as it seems, indefinitely?

In the new season’s opening episode, “Temple of Doom: Peru,” the GHI team visits the Chavin Ruins in Peru. The ruins consist of underground tunnels that once served as an aqueduct system for the ancient civilization; however, the interpretation of hieroglyphics on the walls of the ruins suggests a much more sinister story. Archaeologists believe that vicious human sacrifices were performed in that location. The ruins are also home to the LanzÓn, a legendary stone that many believe contains the gateway linking the heavens, earth and underworld.

GHI visits the site in response to increased reports of paranormal activity from both local residents and archaeologists working in the ruins. The team performs its usual nighttime investigation, setting up a variety of equipment and performing experiments, primarily around the LanzÓn.

The show’s cameras follow the team as members investigate, witnessing many of them claiming to hear or see something unidentifiable, which can be difficult to take seriously when they’re standing outside, surrounded by wildlife. The results of the team’s investigation, after analyzing the data, video and audio collected, will likely leave viewers highly unsatisfied.

In this episode the team also visits a bullring in Lima where a famous bullfighter was once killed during a fight. The investigation runs much the same as the previous case, with similarly disappointing results.

Perhaps the most interesting part of these cases is the historical significance of the locations the hunters choose to visit and the potential for paranormal activity at each, but GHI’s involvement with the locations leaves much to be desired. The show does not contain any material that could be considered inappropriate for families; however, viewers might question whether its quality makes it worth their time.

Unfortunately for its target audience, the show does not even manage to evoke a proper sense of suspense, and many times the reactions and assumptions of the GHI team members could be considered laughable. For instance, it is highly unlikely, especially in Peru, that all ghosts would be able to understand an investigator who speaks to them only in English.