Mike Terry, Deseret News archives
Christianne Green of Herriman, Utah, holds her newly adopted daughter Sophi at Salt Lake International Airport in December 2010. Green and her husband, Jeremy, returned from China where they adopted two more children with special needs to put the tally of their family at eight children.

Families with children who have disabilities have even more things to worry about than most people when it comes to finances, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Start early thinking about the kinds of resources your child is using now and will need in the future," Roberta Rehm of University of California, San Francisco, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Parents are busy and can often feel overwhelmed by their children's constant needs, according to the article. It can be costly and seem impossible to save money in such a situation. Merrill Lynch has a Special Needs Calculator for special needs families. The calculator is made to help such families calculate the amount of money a family would need to support a special needs child. It's available to the public and free.

The calculator identifies potential financial shortfalls families need to overcome in order to maintain the quality of life for the person with special needs after the parents retire, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Having a Certified Special Needs Advisor can help families plan and invest, according to the Chronicle. These families need to preserve disability benefits and Medicaid, and having a Certified Special Needs Advisor can help them do that.

Certified Special Needs Financial Planners can also help parents plan for when their children become adults. They can help set up Social Security and Limited Conservatorship, according to the article.