COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — A city recreation center was evacuated Monday due to a gas leak after snow slid off the building's roof and damaged a pipe.

Bob Hopkin, assistant director of the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area, said an employee reported smelling gas about 4:45. Employees immediately called 9-1-1 and shut off the building's gas valve, Hopkin said.

"We immediately took action, sent our operations personnel up on top of the roof to find if there was a leak," he said. 

Unified Fire Authority officials said no traces of leaked gas were found inside the building, but the center was evacuated and closed as a precaution. The leaking equipment, located above the racquetball courts, is expected to be fixed in time for the rec center to open Tuesday morning.

"We're going to be open, five o'clock, ready to roll," Hopkin said.

Benjamin Wood