SYRACUSE — Residents have until 5 p.m. Tuesday to submit letters of interest and resumes to fill the remainder of D. Matthew Kimmel's term on the City Council.

Kimmel resigned earlier this month amid allegations that he used his public position for personal financial gain. In his letter of resignation submitted to city officials Feb. 9, Kimmel said he "accepted a job opportunity out of state." His resignation was effective that day.

The City Council is expected to select a replacement Feb. 28.

According to charging documents filed Jan. 31 in 2nd District Court, Kimmel used his position on the North Davis Sewer Board and personal business connections in real estate between Oct. 14, 2010, and April 21, 2011, to connect a specific realtor with the board for a land transaction.

Kimmel, who has a background in commercial real estate, didn't disclose to the sewer board his true relationship with the realtor or that he would be getting a finder's fee of approximately $3,000 for the transaction, the charges state.

Kimmel also instructed the realtor not to disclose their relationship — or the finder's fee — to the sewer board, saying he would take care of the proper disclosures, according to the charges.

"For months, the realtor assumed (Kimmel) had done so," the charges state.

Kimmel is charged with one count of using his public position to secure privileges, a class A misdemeanor. He's scheduled to appear in court March 12.

Kimmel was midway through his four-year term on the Syracuse City Council. He served on the North Davis Sewer Board as part of his City Council assignments but was replaced in May when allegations of misconduct began to surface.