Mormon Messages
A scene from the new Mormon Messages video, "Waiting on Our Road to Damascus."

Going forward: “One of the most remarkable events in the history of the world happened on the road to Damascus.” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency, describes the life-changing, even world-changing, event of Saul-Paul. But does everybody have that same type of conversion experience? President Uchtdorf describes that those “Waiting on Our Road to Damascus” may be missing their “true conversion” happening as you courageously go forward in gospel learning. Click to watch this entire incredible new Mormon Message.

Fundamental beliefs: Terryl Givens eloquently but simply lays down five fundamental beliefs people need to know about Mormons before making any assumptions in this time of “Romney, Mormonism and the American Compromise.” Here are two: “1. God is a personal entity, having a heart that beats in sympathy with human hearts, feeling our joy and sorrowing over our pain. 2. Men and women existed as spiritual beings in the presence of God before progressing to this mortal life.” Click for the remainder. The full essay calls people to task about the importance of getting to know Mormons’ true beliefs even though “none of these beliefs is relevant to a political candidate's fitness for office. But they should be the starting point for any serious attempt to get at the core of Mormon belief. And there should be no compromise on that point.”

LDS music: Do you write or professionally play music? The church needs you: “The church needs music that is of or near professional quality to use in Mormon Messages and other church videos and on Mormon Channel Radio. This music may also be used in other church productions and shared through the LDS Media Library for members to use in their efforts to share the gospel online.” See this “Call for LDS Music” for more information.

MTC dedication: The Passionate Modern Mormon realized that he had a story that few could tell. He attended the “Dedication of the Provo LTM (MTC) 1976” and reproduces his journal article (and the program) for us all the enjoy. Here is a snippet of the day: “Today was the dedication of the new LTM. It was a great experience. We sat there for three hours before it started… Now the hush came up and then stood up as Presidents Kimball, Romney and Benson came in. I was close. The singing, of course, and all the rest. I took notes. I prayed at one point ‘Is he really a prophet?’ ‘YES!' 'The Lord’s work will not be frustrated.’” Click to read his notes from the speakers and what apostle recognized him.

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