SANDY — A Layton man allegedly tried to eat balloons filled with drugs after he was trapped by detectives during a drug deal.

Kyle Morman, 24, who went by the name "Money," unknowingly made an agreement to sell five balloons each of heroin and cocaine to a Unified Police officer Sept. 30, according to charges  filed Tuesday in the 3rd District Court. Morman and the officer at 10600 S. Auto Mall Drive.

When Morman arrived, detectives used their vehicles to block his truck on all sides. Morman tried to escape by backing his truck, but he slammed into a detective's vehicle, the charges state. Morman then allegedly began swallowing the balloons when he realized he was trapped.

Detectives broke through a window of Morman's truck when he would not unlock his vehicle, the charges state. According to court documents, detectives counted 13 balloons of cocaine and 23 balloons of heroin both in Morman's truck and removed from his mouth.

Morman was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, both second-degree felonies; aggravated assault, obstructing justice and failure to respond to officer's signal to stop, all third-degree felonies; and interference with an arresting officer, a class B misdemeanor.