SOUTH SALT LAKE — A newly released police report says the second in command for the Carbon County Sheriff's Office is accused of "keying" three law enforcement and fire vehicles that belonged to different agencies.

Two weeks ago, Carbon County Sheriff's Capt. Guy Adams was placed on administrative leave while police investigated a possible vandalism/criminal mischief case.

On Jan. 6, three vehicles parked in a private lot at an equipment business at 3838 S. 250 West were vandalized. At the time, the nature of the vandalism was not disclosed.

But according to a South Salt Lake police report obtained through a Government Records Access and Management Act, the vehicles, "had scratches on the drivers' side doors indicative of being keyed or intentionally scratched."

One of the vehicles was a red pickup that belonged to a fire department, according to the report. Its hood and door were scratched.

"There were approximately 10 vertical scratches 1/2" in length on the driver's door," the police report stated.

Multiple scratches were also found on a Saratoga Springs police vehicle and an SUV belonging to the U.S. Marshal's Office.

Video surveillance footage showed Adams was in the back lot smoking, when he walked between all the cars that were scratched, according to the report.

Adams and Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova were at the facility for a business meeting, the report stated.

The back lot of the business is secured by a fence and not accessible to the public.

The South Salt Lake prosecutor's office was reviewing the case Tuesday for possible charges.