Mormon Messages for Youth
The story of rugby star Sid Going interrupting a budding and promising rugby career to serve a mission is the topic of a new Mormon Messages for Youth video.

Mission video: “There is something you will always leave behind when you respond to the prophet’s call to serve.” So begins Elder Neil L. Anderson, in this new Mormon Messages for Youth video that tells the story of Sid Going, an ascending rugby star, who decided to pause his sports career and serve a mission. After his mission, he became one of the best rugby halfbacks to ever play the sport. But the blessings from the mission outweighed his sacrifices. Click to watch this inspiring new video “Your Day for a Mission.” And as a bonus, find out what mission-related sacrifice Sid Going just made in 2010.

Happy Birthday: hit its Sweet 16 yesterday. Can you believe its been 16 years since first went live? That seems like such a short time, and yet it also seems like has been around forever. Larry Richman marks the birthday with screenshots of through the years, including its first "Under Construction" page. And like him, I wish a very "Happy Birthday,"!

Geek out: The chart featured on “The Book of Mormon for Geeks: Sentiment Analysis of the Book of Mormon” looks really cool. I don’t know if I’m geeky enough to appreciate it exactly, but I’m sure it’s impressive. If Google and social media analytics, stats, and analysis fascinate you, and you’d like to see these tools applied to the Book of Mormon, click in. Or just impress your friends with an awesome-looking chart!

Best cover: LDS Publisher is running a “2011 Best Cover” contest and you can scroll through the finalists and pick your favorite! And the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” has no bearing here as the contest has nothing to do with the content of the story, just the cover. Click in to see the finalists and vote!

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