"Read my lips" is Valentine's Day craft idea from the Crafting Chicks.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope today will be filled with the people you love doing things that celebrate the sweetness in life. No matter who are with or what you are doing, you could also use a few more blog ideas to make this Valentines’ Day absolutely sparkle.

Crafts: The Crafting Chicks have a plethora of ideas in their Valentine’s Day roundup posts including easy decorations, sweet love notes, delightful card ideas, delicious recipes and so much more. I think my favorite is the DIY Gift Ideas that include scratch of cards that I just might have to try!

And speaking of roundups, blogger Rebecca Cooper provides a photographic roundup of her family’s fun in prepping for Valentine’s Day, with some lovely how-to links included. Doesn’t that simple Valentine’s banner look adorable?

Cards: These “Harry Potter Valentines” are so clever and delightful. When I saw them, I was happy to see they produced by an LDS graphic designer who obviously had a lot of fun. So cool! Share with your kids and friends.

Or if you are just looking for a quirky Valentine’s Day image, try this photo blogger’s free print of a heart-shaped cactus. Awesome.

Chocolate: It would be wrong not to include at least one chocolate-themed recipe, and this year’s feature is a “Six-Ingredient Molten Chocolate Cake” that not only looks easy, but delectable!

Oh, and you just have to read this sweet “Memory for Valentine’s Day” of one blogger who remembers the first time he set eyes on “Dawn” while sitting on the stand in his parents’ ward a few decades ago. He explains, “A few minutes before the meeting began a family entered the chapel that I had never seen before — a husband, wife, two sons and a stunningly beautiful daughter who looked to be in her late teens….She wore a yellow skirt topped by a soft, yellow mohair sweater. She stood about five feet six inches tall, but her slender build and high heels made her seem taller. Her light blonde hair swirled high above her head. When she turned to enter the aisle, I saw that a long, ringlet-style ponytail dangled down to the middle of her back. She had high cheekbones and clear blue eyes. No boyfriend was in sight. Hmmm.” Click to read what happens next in this charming story that of course has to have a have a happy ending. And as a bonus, there are some great tips for writing romantically, courtesy of that young woman in the story. Enjoy!

Now let me find other blogs that I love from the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Be one of the first to watch the newest Bible Video this Valentine's Day, where a true type of love is explained by the Savior. It's just incredible to see the "Parable of the Good Samaritan" come to glorious life. Please watch and then share with your friends.

New blog: I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Daniel C. Peterson, BYU professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic, to the LDS blog world. In his first post, he describes why he began, “For years now, people have asked me whether I had a blog. I've always answered no, but have felt that, really, I ought to. So, finally, I'm taking the plunge. I probably won't be posting long entries here — I have plenty of outlets as it is and am already behind on more writing commitments and goals than I can count — but I think it will be useful to post news, announce public presentations (people often ask where or whether I'll be speaking over the next weeks and months), call attention to new articles and books, shamelessly advertise tours I'll be leading and the like. I may even comment on politics.” And since beginning last Wednesday he’s already discussed Islam, Israel, presidential politics, the Restoration, the Bible and Whitney Houston. Wow. Click in to read and follow!

Techie tip: Wards and stakes will soon be blogging! Well sort of, through the new tool “Newsletter” that is slated for release in beta any day now. The LDSTech site explains, “Newsletter provides a blog-like site that wards and stakes can use to provide local news to members. The application replaces the News and Information feature on the classic local unit website and provides a digital alternative to the paper newsletters that organizations typically create. Articles for Newsletter appear in one stream of news on the Newsletter homepage, arranged in reverse chronological order. Members can view the news they want to see by selecting the category on the right. The selected category filters the news.” Exciting! Click in to learn more or to join the beta testing needed to refine the program for all members.

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: [email protected]