Bill Reminders from show people their upcoming bills with due dates via text message and email. has introduced a new way to help people pay bills on time.

The company's new feature, called "Bill Reminders," keeps track of regular monthly bills in one location. With Bill Reminders, people can view their impending bills on a timeline and get personalized text messages and emails, or at

"Juggling due dates and amounts owed, and jumping from websites to paper statements is tedious and confusing. Busy people have better ways to spend their time and money, such as saving toward a goal," said Aaron Forth, vice president and general manager of Intuit Inc.'s Personal Finance Group, on Mint's website. "Bill Reminders simplifies the bill-paying process by letting people see all bills in one spot, set up personal reminders and avoid costly late or overdraft fees." already has reminders for credit cards and loans, but the new feature gives people another way to keep track of phone, cable, electric, and auto payments.

When people log into, they can view their usual bills automatically identified and added to the Bill Reminders feature.

Users of Bill Reminders can get due date alerts via email or text message. Bill Reminders is free to use. For more information, visit Bill Reminders.