Utahns who go shopping in the next three days may be surprised to hear people looking at bowls in the housewares department speaking Russian.

That's only one of the things an advance team of four Soviet officials that arrived in Salt Lake City Monday night said they'll be shopping for as they prepare apartments at a local complex for the 30-member contingent of Soviet inspectors."We will be buying everything expected for more than 20 people. We have to do everything from scratch," said Igor Khripunov, first secretary at the Soviet Union's Washington, D.C., embassy.

The other three men on the trip are technicians, Khripunov said.

The task of the four is to buy pots, pans, linens, prepare communication and make transportation arrangements for Soviet inspectors who are scheduled to arrive on or about Friday. During the three days the Soviets will stay in the Little America Hotel.

"The people of the world are waiting anxiously for the implementation of the INF treaty," Oleg Shagov, head of the advance team, said through an interpreter.

Flanked by four military and government officials, the Soviets arrived earlier than scheduled Monday night and avoided questions asked by the media. The constant escort service by U.S. personnel will become part of the Soviets' routine.

After all members of the inspection team arrive near the end of the week, they'll move into the Sun Arbor Apartments on North Temple in West Valley City until permanent quarters can be built.

In Utah, the Soviets will operate a full-time portal verification at the Hercules plant in Magna. There, Pershing missiles banned by the treaty were once built.