A California man must perform 750 hours community service for his guilty pleas to possessing $110,000 worth of cashier's checks stolen in 1985 by his brother, a Utah federal judge ruled Monday.

"I'm going to take a chance on you. I don't want to see you in this courtroom again," Judge Thomas Greene told Steven Allen, 33, Cucamonga, Calif., before also placing him on probation for five years.

Allen, formerly of Salt Lake City, used the checks to buy "a couple of Rolex watches" and place orders for gold, much of which he never received, prosecutor Gordon Campbell said after the sentencing.

"He got a chunk, but how much money he got is still up in the air," Campbell said. Allen will have to pay restitution once the amount is determined, the prosecutors said.

During the first day of Allen's Oct. 27, 1987, jury trial, he pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing stolen cashier's checks totaling $110,000. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss three additional counts for stolen checks worth nearly $400,000.

"I've felt sick about this," Allen told the judge. But "it has actually been a relief" to come forward.

Campbell said Allen's brother, David, faces sentencing July 17 before federal Judge Bruce Jenkins on his guilty plea to one count of stealing cashier's checks from two downtown Salt Lake City banks.