The Utah attorney general's office will seek a death warrant for convicted Hi-Fi Shop killer William Andrews by the end of the week, Associate Deputy Attorney General Paul Warner said Tuesday.

Warner said it is likely that the death warrant to be sought from 2nd District Judge John Walquist will be issued. The stay of execution granted in February 1985 was lifted last Thursday by U.S. District Judge David K. Winder.A new death warrant, which would set an execution date within 30 to 60 days, also is likely to be appealed by Andrews' Seattle-based attorney, Timothy K. Ford, Warner said.

Ford was not available for comment Tuesday on how the seeking of a new death warrant will affect the appeal Andrews still has pending before the Utah Supreme Court.

The appeal is considered a last-ditch effort to prevent the execution of a death sentence imposed 14 years ago for Andrews' role in the 1974 torture-murders of three people in an Ogden shop.

The order to vacate the death warrant was necessary to conform with the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal in April to reconsider its earlier refusal to hear the appeal.

Warner said that the attorney general's office hopes that the Utah Supreme Court will rule on the appeal without issuing another stay of execution. Both sides have filed their briefs on the case with the court.

Andrews' co-defendant, Pierre Dale Selby, was executed by lethal injection on Aug. 28, 1987, the first convicted murder to be executed in the state in 10 years.

Earlier this month, the state put to death convicted child killer Arthur Gary Bishop. Convicted murderer James Louis Holland, who says he doesn't want further appeals of his death sentence, could also be executed by the end of the year.