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The Kansas City StarOne of the enduring and endearing aspects of life in Kansas is the wheat harvest.

Drivers along I-70, heading west for vacations to what are popularly considered more scenic lands, cannot help but be impressed by the sight. Field after field on both sides of the road of golden grain await the cutting, responding like waves on a gentle sea to the hot winds. Nothing is more beautiful in Kansas than this.

And nothing more sure. The harvest always goes on, despite the obstacles nature puts up. The drought will make it less bountiful than it could have been, and first yields in the southern part of the state were disappointing. There are places where the crop doesn't look too good because of weather-related disease and bugs. Yet, the combines are rolling.

It is a time of great personal and state pride as the machines cut their way across the acres of grain which provide the staff of life. Kansas feeds the world, record harvest or not.