The University of Utah College of Nursing wants to increase its enrollment to help meet a nursing shortage, but limited funding will prevent an increase, the college's dean said Monday.

Dr. Linda K. Amos told the U. Institutional Council that the college will maintain its undergraduate enrollment at the same level next year. The college will admit 65 new basic nursing students and 24 new registered nurse students for 1988-89."We would like to be able to expand our enrollment even further, but it's not possible at this time, given limited financial resources for faculty positions. It's the faculty's goal to find ways to expand the program within the next five years," she said.

Amos highlighted the college's programs, pointing out that the University Gerontology Center has been designated a regional geriatric center. She also pointed out that faculty are doing research into the development of decision support systems for clinical nursing, called nursing informatics, and that a certified nurse-midwife practice arrangement is recognized as a national model.