While the problems the sun can cause are painfully evident, vacationers are often in the dark about what will prevent them or help ease the pain later. Some suggestions from Dr. Paul Lazar of the American Academy of Dermatology:

Most of us know a hat will shield the sun. But especially when you are fishing, lightweight gloves are also a good idea. The sun can cause sunburn through a T-shirt worn in the water.Use a sunscreen with a protection factor of 15. One rated higher is no more effective and just costs more. Reapply the sunscreen after your skin gets wet.

Creams and lotions with aloe are no more effective than those without it. The government forbids manufacturers from saying otherwise.

For treating sunburn, baby powder may be preferable to cream because it keeps the skin dry. The powder can also help with prickly heat. Rubbing alcohol is too irritating to use on heat rashes; use water to soothe the skin instead.