The 36 paintings and sketches owned by Auburn University originally were part of 1946-47 "Advancing American Art" exhibition:

Romare Bearden, "Mad Carousel." Watercolor on paper.

Ben-Zion, "End of Don Quixote." Oil on canvas.

Ben-Zion, "The Strangled Tree." Oil on canvas.

Byron Browne, "Still Life in Red, Yellow and Green." Oil.

Paul Burlin, "News From Home." Oil on canvas.

George Constant, "Rock Crabs." Oil on canvas.

George Constant, "Seated Figure." Watercolor on paper.

Ralston Crawford, "Plane Production." Oil on canvas.

Julio De Diego, "Stiff Rearguard Action." Oil on Masonite.

Joseph De Martini, "The Ravine." Oil on canvas.

Arthur Dove, "Grey Greens." Oil on cardboard.

Werner Drewes, "Gaiety in Times of Distress." Oil on canvas.

Werner Drewes, "A Dark Thought." Oil on canvas.

Philip Evergood, "Fascist Leader." Oil on canvas.

Lyonel Feininger, "Late Afternoon." Watercolor and ink on paper.

William Gropper, "Home." Oil on canvas.

O. Louis Guglielmi, "Subway Exit." Oil on canvas.

Robert Gwathmey, "Worksong." Oil on canvas.

John Heliker, "Landscape." Watercolor on paper.

Frank Kleinholtz, "Bank Night." Oil on Masonite.

Karl Knaths, "Clam Diggers." Watercolor on paper.

Yasuo Kuniyoshi, "Circus Girl Resting." Oil on canvas.

Jacob Lawrence, "Harlem." Watercolor on paper.

Lewis Jean Liberte, "Rock Forms and Boats." Gouache board.

Herman Maril, "In the Hills." Gouache and pencil on paper.

John Marin, "Seascape." Oil on canvas.

Georgia O'Keeffe, "Small Hill Near Alcade." Oil on canvas.

Irene Rice Pereira, "Composition." Ink and gouache on paper.

Gregorio Prestopino, "Donkey Engine." Gouache on paper.

Boardman Robinson, "Thomas Rhodes." Gouache on Masonite.

Ben Shahn, "Hunger." Gouache on composition board.

Mitchell Siporin, "Neopolitan Nights." Oil on canvas.

Nahum Tschacbasov, "Fish." Oil on canvas.

Nahum Tschacbasov, "Mother and Child." Oil on Masonite.

Karl , "Clown and Ass." Oil on canvas (encaustic).

Karl Zerbe, "Around the Lighthouse." Oil on canvas.