"Fisher, Todd and Erin" of KISN, Utah's longest-running morning radio team, have split up.

As of Wednesday, Todd Collard and his wife, Erin Fraser Collard, have left FM-97.1 to pursue other radio opportunities. Scott Fisher, meanwhile, is remaining alone on the air at KISN in the mornings — at least for the time being.

Fisher and Todd started their morning show on Feb. 2, 1986, and had celebrated their 15th anniversary together earlier this year. Erin was added to the show in 1994. Todd and Erin married in 1997.

Tom Sly, Salt Lake vice president/general manager for Clear Channel Communication's eight local stations, including KISN, said the breakup was their choice and not due to any ratings decline or management decision.

"After 15 years, they are no longer together," he said. "It's Todd's choice."

Their last day on the air together was Tuesday.

Fisher and Todd Collard both declined comment on the change.

However, Erin Collard stressed that the breakup was not due to any bad feelings or conflicts.

"We love Fisher. It was time for a change as we reflected on our careers," she said.

Sly said it is company policy not to discuss the contracts of employees. But Erin Collard confirmed she and her husband are bound by a six-month "no-compete" clause in their contracts. This means they can't go on the air at another station in this market for that length of time unless a special early-out agreement is reached with their former employer.

Since Salt Lake City is their home, the Collards said they want to remain here and aren't considering a move outside the market.

Erin Collard said her husband has already signed a deal with another station to be on the air in six months, though the name of that station can't be disclosed at this time. She's still considering her options.

"You'll very likely see us (her and Todd) together again," she said.

Rumors have been circulating that the two are headed for one of the Simmons Media Group stations in Salt Lake — KQMB. However, C. Craig Hanson, president of Simmons Media, said he's had no conversations with Todd or Erin Collard.

In the latest Arbitron radio ratings, which came out on July 30, "Fisher, Todd and Erin" ranked sixth-place among morning shows for the age 25-54 adult audience with a 4.5 percent share. That's two places and a half-percentage improvement since last winter.

"They're very talented, nice people," Sly said.