Paul Robert Rubey the subject of a Deseret News investigation last fall - was arrested over the weekend in connection with the alleged abduction of a 23-year-old Salt Lake woman who says she was kept against her will for two days.

Rubey, 61, 968 Military Drive, was booked Saturday into Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of kidnapping and sexual assault, jail rec-ords show.According to Salt Lake police reports, the woman went to a friend's house on Wednesday and met a man, a stranger to her. After talking with the man for a short time, she returned home. Shortly after midnight, the man called, saying she had left her address book behind and he'd like to return it to her.

They met on a street corner, but the man said he had forgotten the book and that he'd like to take her to a friend's apartment. They drove to a vacant apartment at 127 S. Eighth East, where she said she was sexually assaulted by the man, who called her by names other than her own and left her alone and nude in the apartment several times on Thursday, according to the police report.

The man also said he'd like to kidnap her and take her to Las Vegas. By this time, the victim began to play along with the assailant in order to placate him, the report says.

On Friday, he took her to her apartment "to get some things for their trip" and told her to call him when she was ready.

Instead, she called police. Officers arrested Rubey at his home Saturday afternoon. He was questioned by detectives at the police station, then booked into jail. He was to appear Monday before a 3rd Circuit judge, who was to review the case and decide whether to set bail.

Last September, the Deseret News investigated Rubey's loan business, called Financial Services. It promised "money today for any reason." Rubey also promised people he could make them rich and famous in the movies.

The newspaper investigation found that Rubey was taking up-front money from customers but doing little to secure them loans.

In November, police arrested Rubey on a Los Angeles County warrant that charged him with a probation violation in connection with his conviction of lewdness with a child in 1976.

After spending a short time in jail, Rubey - also known as Paul Ruby, Paul Johnson, Bobby Ruby and Bobby Johnson - returned to Salt Lake City, and has been the subject of at least three complaints filed with the Police Department.

Two of those complaints concerned an advertisement Rubey placed in local newspapers in May. The ad solicited writers and actors for a TV show called "Money, Love and Happiness in America," which, Rubey told a Deseret News reporter, was going to be similar to "Donahue."