Old-fashioned love still is the motivation to marry for an overwhelming majority of Americans interviewed in a nationwide poll.

Ninety-two percent of those surveyed said love is the No. 1 reason Americans marry. Companionship, named by 77 percent, was the next most important motivation.The motivation of peer and parental pressure to marry placed 29th and was the least important listed. Money ranked a mere 26th on the list.

The survey, called "What Motivates Americans to Marry," was released Sunday and conducted by the marketing firm of R.H. Bruskin and Associates for Korbel Champagne Cellars.

The nationwide poll of 1,025 people, representing all 50 states, was used to determine the emotional issues and societal pressures facing men and women considering marriage, said Marie Rama, director of Weddings & Entertaining for Korbel.

"There's a lot in the press right now about marriage, not just newlywed marriages, but the institution of marriage," Rama said. "We just wanted to test the waters and not just test the things we've heard. We wanted a legitimate study."

Rama said those polled were representative of three groups: single and not ever married; single and intending to marry in next five years and those who had been married for at least five years. The responses were broken down to four regions: Northeastern, North-Central, South and West.

"There's a lot of consistency in the replies, love, companionship," Rama said. "The big shock to us was that money was at the bottom of the list, 26th out of 29."