Language that would provide for the gradual phase-out of grazing in Capitol Reef National Park is included in the Interior Department funding bill headed for the Senate floor.

Current permit-holders would be allowed to graze cattle on lands now within the park during their lifetimes and the lifetimes of their sons and daughters.Capitol Reef was designated a park by President Lyndon Johnson on the morning of Jan. 20, 1968, hours before he went out of office. Congress later ratified that decision.

In 1987 Congress gave the Park Service funds to buy grazing rights in the park from willing sellers. About 10 families have not sold their rights, Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, said.

The bill also includes payment in lieu of tax money, of which $10 million will go to Utah towns and counties.

Some $5 million in holdover money from this year may be spent to control Mormon crickets and grasshoppers. About $500,000 has been spent so far.

Other items included $600,000 for operations at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, $400,000 for Canyonlands National Park, $300,000 to rehabilitate a road at Bryce Canyon National Park, $400,000 for historic preservation work in Salt Lake City, $8.8 million for the University of Utah Mineral Institute Program, $1.8 million for fuel liquefaction work at the U., $750,000 for tar sands research at the U. and $8.7 million for Western oil shale research.