Divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson called two ex-clients "professional extortionists" who can "cry on cue" after they went on CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" to describe the rapes they said he committed on them.

"After their complaints were filed, I went and took a lie detector test on both women, and it came out 100 percent that I had had nothing to do with them," Mitchelson said after Sunday night's CBS program, which featured the investigation of allegations by Kristen Barrett-Whitney and Patricia French.

"These women are charlatans, they can cry on cue," he said. "They know it didn't happen, and I know it didn't happen."

Barrett-Whitney said she paid Mitchelson $25,500 to represent her in a palimony action, only to have him rape her in a bathroom. The CBS program quoted French as saying she was also raped by Mitchelson.