Democrats had a good time at their state convention on Saturday, and part of that enjoyment came through good humor.

Republican officeholders were, of course, the brunt of some of the jokes. "Polls show only half the women in America favor George Bush," said keynote speaker Lynn Cutler, the national Democratic Party's vice chairwoman. "That's because he reminds (divorced) women of their first husbands."But Democrats also made light of themselves. Take, for example, the campaign handouts of Pat Shea, the former state party chairman who ran for national committeeman, and Jill Remington, who ran to be a Dukakis national delegate.

Shea listed as some of his qualifications: Has one wife, Debbie, and two children, Michael and Paul. Has fed two pets for nine years. And was the class president in the third grade (Mrs. Sharp's class).

Remington said if she wasn't elected a Dukakis delegate, she may never meet Joe Kennedy, let alone bear his children; will have wasted a lot of time on her self-esteem counseling; would have no expectations of beating Jake Garn in 1992 if she couldn't win a simple delegate slot; and may have to move to American Samoa where any redhead could be elected a delegate.

And there were the political insider jokes.

U.S. Senate candidate Brian Moss opened his speech by saying: "Is Merrill Cook here? Oh, sorry. Wrong convention." (Cook, an independent gubernatorial candidate, was the center of a messy delegate fight at the Republican State Convention two weeks ago.)