Actress Jane Fonda should become involved in humanitarian issues to prove the sincerity of an apology she made to Vietnam War veterans last week, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Saturday.

On ABC-TV's "20/20" last Friday night, Fonda issued the apology for her actions and anti-war speeches during a visit to North Vietnam in the early 1970s."My response to her apology is she has an opportunity to prove her sincerity by involving herself in humanitarian issues that still remain as a result of that war," said McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam.

"There's still more than 2,000 Americans not accounted for. There are thousands of South Vietnamese still in re-education camps, and they deserve to be released. There are 20,000 Amerasian children that deserve our attention."

McCain spoke at a veterans meeting organized by Sen. Larry Pressler, R-S.D., who served in the Army in Vietnam. About 60 people attended the meeting at a Watertown motel.