Troops arrested three renegade soldiers loyal to deposed President Ferdinand Marcos in a raid at dawn on Saturday and found a plan to attack the capital's international airport, police said.

Police Lt. Col. Romeo Maganto said the men apprehended in an apartment in Manila's Tondo slum district belonged to a group led by former Lt. Col. Reynaldo Cabauatan, who was involved in coup attempts against President Corazon Aquino's government.Aquino was swept into the presidency by a popular military-civilian uprising which drove Marcos into exile in February 1986.

Maganto said the three men seized - John Sultan, Eric Reyes, and Roberto Martinez - were former army trainees who were absent without leave. He said military authorities were trying to find out if they were part of a group that raided the constabulary headquarters armory in suburban Manila two weeks ago.

Police said a 30-year-old woman, Tessie Liu, was found in the same apartment and was taken in for questioning.

Maganto said that besides documents, including the airport attack plan, soldiers' uniforms, flag patches, miniature Philippine flags and pamphlets of right-wing groups were found. Troops found ammunition but no firearms, the officer said.

Seven renegade soldiers were captured in a raid Monday on the capital's outskirts. Armed forces chief of staf Gen. Renato de Villa said the seven belonged to the "Black Force Commando" which raided the constabulary camp.

A military official said meanwhile on Saturday that five guerillas were killed and an undetermined number were wounded when military helicopters fired rockets on a communist rebel camp in southern Surigao del Sur province.