An updated edition of the state driver license handbook is due out June 29, but not before the last copies of the current handbook are expected to have been distributed.

Only about 150 copies of the current handbook were left Friday afternoon, according to Brian Gough, manager of field services for the state Driver License Services Division.

Those should be gone by Monday, Gough predicted, meaning would-be test takers will either have to wait until the new handbooks are out Wednesday or use an office copy to study for the driver license test.

The division had hoped that the 350,000 copies of the current handbook printed more than a year ago would last at least until after the November election, Gough said.

That way, he said, the division would have known for sure who should appear on the page reserved for the governor's picture and comments. The updated handbook, being published by Liberty Press of Orem, features Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Only 250,000 copies of the updated handbooks are being printed in anticipation that the 1989 Legislature will make some changes in the commercial driver license requirements, Gough said.