The director of a Bountiful mortuary was burned over 50 percent of his body Friday evening when gasoline ignited while he was working on a car.

A nursing supervisor at University Hospital said Barry L. Kelly, 38, suffered burns over most of his upper body. An emergency room spokesman said Kelly's condition was serious and he would be moved to the Intermountain Burn Center Friday night.

Bountiful Fire Department officials said Kelly, who is director of Lindquist Bountiful Mortuary, 727 N. Fourth East, was working on a vehicle at the southwest corner of the mortuary's parking lot when the fire occurred.

Fire officials said they were called to the mortuary at 5:26 p.m. and arrived a minute later. Kelly was no longer there and had been rushed by his wife, Dan'L, to Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful. He was airlifted to University Hospital a short time later.

Firemen said they believe the victim's wife put out the flames covering him by rolling him on the ground. There was so much fire, a fire department spokesman said, that it ignited a field next to the parking lot, but firefighters extinguished that blaze in less than five minutes.

Kelly is a well-known civic leader and past president of the Bountiful Lions Club.