Although it's not quite as bad as that, U.S. officials admit they're still in the dark as to when an advance team of Soviet arms-control inspectors will arrive in the Salt Lake Valley as part of the recently ratified Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty."The word I've gotten is that they still haven't left Moscow," said Lt. Cmdr. James Szatkowski, director of the On-Site Inspection Agency office at Hercules, where the Soviets will be stationed to to help verify American compliance with the treaty. "All I know is that they're due in soon."

Szatkowski said whether that's Saturday, Sunday or early next week is anybody's guess, although he placed the chances of a Saturday arrival at only 1 or 2 percent. He guessed their chances of coming Sunday are somewhat greater, but still less than 50-50.

"Just say they're due in sometime during the first of the week," he said.

The advance group will pave the way for the rest of the 30-member Soviet contingent scheduled to arrive on or about July 1.

A U.S. team of inspectors will be performing similar duties in the city of Votkinsk in the Soviet Union. An American advance team has reportedly already embarked for the Soviet Union.