NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has lost a round of his messy and highly public divorce from actress and TV personality Donna Hanover.

A judge ruled Monday that Giuliani's girlfriend, Judith Nathan, could not visit the official mayoral residence as long as Giuliani's children live there.

State Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische also rejected Giuliani's second attempt to obtain a gag order. She said she had no authority to stop either side from talking publicly but added that "this does not preclude either of them from using good sense and personal restraint."

Adding to Giuliani's personal troubles, the mayor's 91-year-old mother, Helen, was reportedly taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai Medical Center on Monday evening after passing out at her home. The hospital refused to comment on her condition, but the New York Post and Daily News reported she was listed as stable.