LOS ANGELES — Supermodel Lauren Hutton lived for 20 years with a man who lost all her earnings, cheated on her with other women and then refused to have a child with her, according to an interview released Tuesday.

Hutton, 57, giving her first major interview since recovering from a near fatal motorcycle crash last October, told Vanity Fair magazine that her former lover was also responsible for spreading the rumor that she is gay.

Hutton told the magazine the extraordinary tale of her relationship with Bob Williamson, who died almost four years ago, as a warning to other women who fall for father figures.

"I had a shattered childhood with no father," Hutton said. "I wanted a daddy so badly that nothing else mattered."

She also spoke from her new perspective of surviving the 100 mph motorbike crash that left her trademark gap-toothed face intact but left her with scars like zippers on her arms and legs and needing a cane to help her walk.

"Since the accident, most of the time I'm more happy, more peaceful, more content than I've ever been in my life. I'm much more sane since this happened," the former Vogue cover girl and actress told Vanity Fair.

Hutton suffered a broken sternum, broken ribs, punctured lung and shattered her right leg when she was thrown off her motorcycle during a rally near Las Vegas with friends Jeremy Irons and Dennis Hopper. Her face was dragged along the desert ground for 170 feet, and despite wearing a helmet with a visor she was found with her nose and mouth filled with rocks and dirt.

Before the accident, Hutton said she had plunged into a deep depression and almost homicidal rage over revelations about her former lover Williamson — the man she met at the age of 21 and who guided a career that made her the most recognized face of the 1970s.

She called him "Bob God," turned over all her money to him and lived in a $400 a month rent-controlled apartment.

"I used to sign entire checkbooks for Bob; he would pay everything. I never paid a bill till I was 47," she said.

When at the age of 41, Hutton told Williamson she was ready to have children; "He blew up and said, 'I don't want to ever have children. I'm your baby.' That's when I started to unravel."

She found later that all the money she earned from modeling and had thought Williamson was investing had either been spent, lost or disappeared. "All my money from those years is gone," said Hutton, estimating that if she had deposited the money in a bank it would now be worth about $30 million.

After Williamson's death, she tracked down enough of his old girlfriends to realize he had been cheating on her for years and also found the source of a rumor that had long puzzled her.

"Apparently one of his girlfriends confronted him about me — he had never told her that we lived together — and he said, 'She's a lesbian, and she's going with Julie Christie.' I had never even met Julie Christie," Hutton said.

"For the last three years, I would have ripped open the root-cellar gates to hell just to smack him a few times," she said.

"I don't want this to happen to other women," she added. "This is how it happens to women; 'Daddy is taking care of it.' If you just close your eyes, chances are you're going to get nailed."