The Salt Lake branch of the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an order suspending trading of stock of 24 over-the-counter companies.

Donald M. Hoerl, assistant regional administrator at the SEC's local office, declined to discuss details of the investigation that led to the order.The suspension is for a 10-day period that will end June 30 at 11:59 p.m..

The SEC, in its suspension order, said it had questions about the adequacy and accuracy of public information concerning the corporate histories and financial conditions and identities of company shareholders.

The order said some of the companies may have improperly claimed their securities did not have to be registered with the SEC because they were exempted.

The 24 companies are: Agritronix, America's Pro Players, Armtek, Bio-Medican Corp., Capital Investment Services, Compu-Vision, Consolidated Funding Services, Duralite Manufacturing Co., E-Lite Technologies, Engine Dynamics, Feliz Industries, FireGold Corp., Growlnola, ITEX Barter Systems, Lens Care, Mandella Corp., Omni Capital Corp., Paradise International Pictures, PenCo, ReCom, Sportek International, Tetravalent, Vertex Information and Wee Win Toys.