The more discerning weather watcher may have realized things were a little cooler Saturday.

But chances are the difference between Saturday's 100 in Salt Lake City and Friday's 102 is lost on the vast majority of Utahns.William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service's Salt Lake office, said Saturday's 100 missed tying the all-time high for June 25 by a single degree. Salt Lake City hit 101 on that day in 1974 and 1981.

However, the morning's 75-degree reading broke the record for the warmest minimum temperature, 70, set in 1974. It also tied mark set for the warmest June morning, Alder said.

In June, Salt Lake City has had two days above 100 and eight days above 95. Alder said the city averages about one day above 100 and three days above 95 for the month.

Temperatures around the state, although generally a couple degrees cooler, still sizzled. Hanksville topped the state at 105.

Alder said the temperatures should continue to drop somewhat to the low to mid 90s over the next few days as the thundershowers scattered throughout the state continue. Alder said south Sandy had .02 inches of precipitation Saturday, while Wendover reported .43 inches in about two minutes with 53 mph winds.

Beginning Wednesday, Alder said, there will be fewer rainstorms, and temperatures will again rise.