A mentally handicapped man who was apparently playing on railroad tracks was struck and killed by a train Friday night.

Pronounced dead at the scene was Edgar C. Bera, 22, 1275 E. 66th South, Murray. He is a son of Esperanza Bera.Midvale Police Lt. Dan Pearson said officers learned of the accident at 11:47 p.m. from railroad dispatch. A train, traveling 40 to 50 mph into the Roper Yard, reported it had struck a person.

The accident occurred on the Rio Grande Railroad's main line at 75th South.

Pearson said that about the same time, police received a missing person report that matched the description of Bera.

Bera was reported missing from the residence where he was being cared for. The two descriptions matched.

"It's a real tragedy," said Pearson. "We believe he had wandered onto the track and was playing with matchbox cars."

He said there is no indication of any fault on the part of the crew or problem with the train.