It will be August 2006 before Dennis Arthur Young will again receive consideration for a parole date. The burly redhead convicted of raping, robbing and kidnapping a woman and kidanpping her 18-month-old child did not receive much sympathy Wednesday from the Utah Board of Pardons.

"We're not going to release you to the streets until you're a substantial risk reduction," said board member Paul Boyden. The board will wait 18 years to rehear the case - at the end of the minimum term of the consecutive sentences.Young is serving three 10-years-to-life sentences for two counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping. He is also serving a 1-to-5 year sentence for aggravated robbery and a 1-to-15 year sentence for kidnapping.

Young apparently kidnapped the victim and her young son at knife point from a local car wash. He then drove to the Great Salt Lake where he tied up and sodomized the victim in the car while the infant was in the front seat.

Young told the board he never would have hurt the woman, but board member Gary Webster said he could not believe that.

"The entire crime was a horrible hurt," he said. "You had a knife on her the entire time."

"I know that is real contradictory," Young responded. He then proceeded to tell the board he had put a cloth around her when he tied her up and was careful to see that the car didn't fall into a river when he crossed a bridge.

But board member Victoria Pala-cios said that with the knife in hand, Young was threatening to harm and even kill the victim. "From her standpoint, you were prepared to do that," she said.

The victim and her husband sat in the back of the room during the hearing but chose not to speak.

"There are a lot of things I could say but it would be too hard," she told the board before the hearing began. "If I could say one thing . . . anyone that would hurt someone with a child in the car, that's the one thing that bothers me the most."