NEW YORK — Mormon Artists Group, a cooperative of 50 creative artists from a wide range of disciplines who live in New York City, will host a gala benefit on behalf of Handcart Ensemble on Saturday, May 5, in New York City.

Handcart Ensemble is an LDS theater company now in it's third year producing works off-Broadway.

The event will feature an evening of "Sneak Peeks," that is, first performances of new works-in-progress, by LDS artists, and a benefit sale of visual artworks.

The new works include a concert song cycle by David Fletcher and Glen Nelson, "Joseph Smith's Letters from Prison" to be performed by Darrell Babidge and David Skouson, and "Goblin Market," an adaptation of the Christina Rossetti poem, performed by Handcart Ensemble.

Three new works will be presented in excerpts: "Hold the Door," a feature film by Mark E. Johnson; "A Very Good Impression," a new play by Eric Samuelsen, performed by Veronique Enos and Ian Gonzalez; and "The Singer's Romance," an opera by Murray Boren and Glen Nelson, performed by Jennifer Welch-Babidge, Sarah Asplund, Adam Russell, Darrell Babidge and David Skouson.

Tickets are $25 and can be reserved by calling 1-212-726-8054.