The Utah Department of Transportation has opened bids on a proj-ect to upgrade traffic signals and relocate an overhead sign bridge at the I-15 Fifth and Sixth South on- and off-ramps. But officials plan to review the project because the lowest bid exceeded estimates by more than 10 percent.

UDOT engineers estimated that the repairs would cost about $137,245. The lowest bid, submitted by Cache Valley Electric of Logan, was $184,275. Officials are now trying to decide whether to accept the bid or readvertise.The project requires upgrading and improving traffic signals at the intersection of Fifth South at Third West and Sixth South at Second West and moving an overhead sign bridge, located at the bottom of the Fifth South ramp, about 300 feet. New directional signs will also be installed.

If UDOT decides to proceed with the project, construction will begin immediately. The contract allows 21/2 months for completion. The contractor will work on a restricted schedule.

UDOT is paying 10 percent of the project costs, with federal funding supplying the remainder.