If actress Angela Lansbury ever tires of playing amateur detective Jessica Fletcher in television's "Murder, She Wrote," a white-haired lady in Tennessee has another part for her.

Effie Jones, 80, is mayor of the 1,000-population town of Niota between Knoxville and Chattanooga and the town's claim to fame is that it is run by women - the mayor and five town comissioners, all over 50 years of age.Hollywood writer Beverly Raymond tried for six months before she convinced Jones and the other five women that their story would make a great television series.

Jones and 69-year-old Finance Commissioner Mabel Young, 72-year-old Water Commissioner Grace Forrester, 72-year-old Street Commissioner Nellie Finley, 53-year-old Police and Fire Commissioner Boots Snyder and 53-year-old Sanitation Commissioner Billie Gilliam will split $75,000 for the television rights.