SAN DIEGO — The City Council unanimously banned the word "minority" from city documents and discussions, saying the word is disparaging.

"When you see all people as children of God, you then see all people as your brothers and sisters," said Mayor Dick Murphy.

In supporting the ban, Councilman George Stevens said people sometimes expect less of those who are labeled minorities. Councilman Ralph Inzunza Jr. said the term no longer applies because the latest Census figures show some areas don't have one predominant racial group.

Several people who favored the ban also spoke at Monday's council meeting.

"To have that term really made me feel inferior," said Robert Ito, who identified himself as a fourth-generation Japanese-American.

Only one person opposed eliminating the term. "Each of us is born a minority of one and shall die that way," said Pacific Beach activist Al Strohlein.

The action follows the San Diego Unified School District, which approved a policy in 1988 of avoiding the use of the words "majority" and "minority."