Thomas Tenney is going to have to move fast, if he wants to reach his goal. That goal: drive 1,500 miles from Fredericktown, Ohio, to Salt Lake City to build two homes in four weeks with people he doesn't know for people he has never met.

Tenney is a summer volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, a non-denominational organization dedicated to building homes for needy families throughout the world.Tenney, 42, and his wife, Karen, will start work immediately on a duplex at 948 S. Pueblo St. While they're in Salt Lake City, the couple will live in donated housing on 39th South, and the local Habitat chapter will provide a small stipend to cover food costs.

The Tenneys learned about Habitat through a speaker at the United Methodist Church in Fredericktown. Tenney's background as a builder and ironworker made him an ideal candidate for the task at hand. He teaches high school welding.

When their home was destroyed by fire in 1987, the family learned firsthand about building a home from scratch. By working 12-14 hour days, the Tenneys were able to move into a new home they built themselves, with help from friends and neighbors.