A team of Army specialists has removed about 100 glass vials containing suspected chemical contaminants from an old chemical burial site at the Ogden defense depot, a spokeswoman says.

The contents of the vials were not known because the bottles were taken to a chemical storage site unopened.Depot spokeswoman Joyce Fencl said the team, dispatched to the depot from the Technical Escort Team at Dugway Proving Ground, has "technically finished the excavation but there are some things they haven't come back to pick up yet."

those items, to be removed this week, include some defused riot-control grenades, Fencl said.

The team began work in late May, excavating a chemical dump known as Site No. 3 on the southwest corner of the depot. The site was believed to contain a variety of possible chemical contaminants including mustard agent.

Fencl said the vials removed from the dump site were identified as "items from chemical agent training sets."

"I don't know what they (rmy specialists) did with them," she said. "They were removed from the depot and taken to an appropriate storage site."