Salt Lake police officers and citizens have been honored for their dedication and help in solving crimes and saving lives.

Receiving the Police Star, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Police Department, were Officer Robin Howell and FBI agents Cal Clegg and Al Jacobsen.Howell was cited for spotting and chasing down suspects in a series of gang-related crimes perpetrated against Salt Lake's Asian community.

Clegg and Jacobsen were honored for apprehending a juvenile suspected of kidnapping the son of chemical industry magnate Jon Huntsman. Jacobsen was stabbed in the chest during the apprehension.

Thirteen citizens received the Citizen Service Medal for assisting police: William Taliaferro, for going to police after he was hired by a Taylorsville man to kill the man's wife; Ola Underwood and the late Carl Olson, for defending an elderly woman from a sexual assault; 9-year-old Carrie Monson and 7-year-old Craig Yauney, who witnessed a crime and provided valuable information to police; Robert Thomas, for protecting a woman from a man threatening her with a gun; Sharon DePasquale, who defended a woman from a knife attack; Gary Strong, who chased a purse snatcher; security guards Cari Lakey and Steve Barrett, who prevented a man from jumping to his death; and Don Ferguson, Tracy Ferguson and David Atherley, for stopping a robbery and an assault in a supermarket.

Police officers receiving the Meritorious Service Medal were Mark Peck, whose quick thinking helped the sheriff's office capture a suspect in the Kearns video store murder; Terry Orton, who helped uncover two prostitution and drug rings; Jerry Mendez, whose interrogation led to the confession of a triple murderer; Robert Hawke, who gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to an accident victim; Celeste Pacquette, an undercover narcotics detective who developed an airtight case in Park City and survived intense scrutiny and criticism by the drug dealers and their attorneys.

Also receiving the medal were Terry Morgan, an undercover narcotics detective whose investigation led to the closure of a restaurant, a pawn shop and a nude modeling agency; and Mac Humphries, Ken Farnsworth and Scott Hallock, for stopping a man from leaping off a freeway overpass.

The Police Department's Special Emergency Response Team, led by Lt. Bill Gray, received a certificate of appreciation.