Here are some of the facts and figures for the new Grand America Hotel, which is scheduled to open later this month.

  • It has 775 rooms, including 398 suites. Published room rates start at $225 a night for a standard room and jump to $375 for suites, but those prices are expected to be discounted.

  • The exterior is clad with 300,000 square feet of Vermont white granite that was shipped to Spain for cutting and then to the West Coast via the Panama Canal before finally ending the odyssey in Salt Lake City.

  • The thousands of yards of all-wool carpets were woven in England especially for the Grand America.

  • The hotel will eventually employ up to 800 people.

  • The hotel's chandeliers were made to order in Venice and Milan.

  • Between the Grand America and nearby Little America, the complex has 1,625 guest rooms — about 10 percent of the county's total — and 100,000 square feet of upscale meeting space.