Former Gov. Evan Mecham said Friday he will go to court in an effort to overturn his impeachment conviction and return to office.

The former governor, in an interview on KTSP-TV, also blasted Sen. John McCain, saying his fellow Arizona Republican is dishonest and is not qualified to be vice president.McCain, a first-term senator who called for Mecham's resignation in January, has been among those mentioned as a possible running mate for Vice President George Bush, the certain GOP nominee.

"No, John isn't qualified to be vice president," Mecham said. "He doesn't have the intelligence, he doesn't have the stature, he doesn't have the honesty, he doesn't have the character that it takes, and he certainly doesn't have the political foundation."

McCain was speaking in South Dakota on Bush's behalf Friday night and was not immediately available for comment. Both Mecham and McCain are members of the Arizona delegation to the national GOP convention in New Orleans Aug. 15-18.

Mecham said he will not seek any political office this year, but he will go to court in an effort to have his April 4 impeachment conviction overturned. He was the first U.S. governor to be impeached and removed from office in 59 years.

"We think that it's important to challenge this," Mecham said, adding that leaving his conviction unchallenged would leave all public officials open to impeachment.

"Who knows? You may see me back on the ninth floor (he governor's office) before the next election," the former governor said.